Best prepaid plans for you

Best prepaid plans for you

Choosing the best prepaid plan is as important as choosing the right mobile phone for yourself. In fact, you can buy a phone and get the services provided by the same company or use a multi-sim phone and use any network of your choice. Pay as you go plans can be selected according to your needs. If you want a voice call option, you can get a plan with more talk time minutes and fewer data and messages. If you want additional data services, you can get a top up that is exclusive for data and there are also plans that split the cost with family and friends. Here is the list of cheap and best prepaid service providers that you can look upon.

T-Mobile: The basic pay as you go plan begins from $3 per month which holds 30 minutes of talk time and texts and charges 10 cents per minute on over usage. They also charge an activation fee of $20 which will be waived once you buy a phone from them. Additional add-on data is available for people who need high-speed data, a daily pass of 500MB 4G data for $5 and weekly pass of 1GB 4G data for $10.

AT&T: AT&T used to be quite expensive, it took few years for them to simplify their offers. Now they follow a reasonable price structure availing offers to average customers as well. AT&T lines can be connected with any mobile that supports AT&T’s network. The lowest plan is for $2 where you will get unlimited talk time and texts with one-day validity. Monthly packs begin from $30 for unlimited talk and text with no data. There are separate plans for data from $45.

Verizon: The largest wireless provider stands by its name by spreading its wings even to the suburbs. They have the best prepaid plans for people who would like to enjoy 4G data. Data plans start at a minimum of $35 per month and unlimited data is charged with $80. The Verizon plan includes unlimited calls and texts for more than one devices and also a monthly data plan. The monthly charges differ according to the number of lines using the plan and also the data capacity.

US Cellular: US Cellular is a prepaid mobile carrier offering 4G LTE network worldwide. They come with their most flexible plans for texts, calls, data and also the usual triple plan so the user can customize their plans to individual needs. They also have the option to change their plan online from desktops, phones or tablets.

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