Best Project Management Software Programs

Best Project Management Software Programs

A great project management software allows firms and businesses to monitor and organize progress of projects, plan assignments and budgets, reallocate resources, report effectively, and even reorganize a disheveled portfolio.

Listed below are some of the best paid project management (PM) software for 2017.

Trello: Trello manages both business and personal projects and has four pricing levels Free, Enterprise, Business Class and Gold. The Free account has uploading limit of up to 10MB, while the limit is 250MB for Gold ($45/year). The Business ($45 per person/year) allows management of boards and integration with Google apps, and Enterprise (custom pricing) has the above plus extras such as simplified billing. Trello is inexpensive, visual, easy-to-use and has many mobile apps, but lacks staples such as time-tracking, Gantt charts and reports.

Asana: The web-based PM software Asana has a good HTML5 design and has two price levels the free account and the Premium one (begins at $21/month for 5 users). The free account is good for teams up to 15 members with integration options, unlimited tasks and projects, and simple-to-use dashboards. The Premium account has support for teams and private projects, unlimited guests and dashboards, and individualized support, which the free account lacks. The only con is that Asana doesn’t have offline capabilities.

Basecamp: Basecamp (free pre-2012) features two price levels free account (only for Classic accounts pre-2012 and verified teachers) and five levels of paid versions ($20/month, 3GB storage; $50/month, 15GB storage; $100/month, 40GB space; $150/month, 100GB space; $3,000/year, 500GB storage). The flexible tool is great for basic PM with an easy-to-use interface, but doesn’t features some staples such as an overall view, Gantt charts and some communication options.

Teamwork: Teamwork is a Cloud-based PM tool features seven levels of pricing, including a free 30-day trial. The software offers Google drive and e-mail integration, a central file storage system, and is intuitive with a simple, easy-to-use design. However, Teamwork doesn’t feature chat options and Gantt charts.

Wrike: The flexible PM Wrike offers great file management options, real-time notifications, and efficient and quick task-based collaboration. It has a three-level price structure Free account, Professional and Enterprise. The PM tool is great for small businesses, offering time-tracking, dashboards, customizable reports, and a quick setup. However, Wrike is on the expensive side, because the Professional version has two levels – $50 and $100.