Tasty tips for food photography

Tasty tips for food photography

Great food photography is not the matter of an overnight struggle. It requires great storytelling through pictures, a unique perception and knowing how to get the right shots. Here are a few basic yet vital tips on food photography, which can help you get some captivating clicks.

Prepare your story beforehand
You would notice that amazing food photography is not only about the food. Whether the food is delicious or not isn’t going to decide the quality of your pictures. Food photography is more about the story that you are trying to tell through the photographs. So, create and build your story around food. Think of a unique idea that you are trying to portray through your photography; whether you want to evoke the urge to travel, nostalgia or hunger. Know the story before you begin to click and select the props, lighting, setting, etc. beforehand to avoid any last-minute hassles.

Use natural light and not flash
This is a basic photography technique. Beginners always end up forgetting this basic idea and end up using flash while photographing. You should note to turn off the flash of your camera. Even if you are using a smartphone for food photography, remember to ditch the flash. Flash allows extra edge to detailing while clicking the photo. So instead of flash, use natural light. Make sure the place has enough natural light or ensure to stand near the window during daytime. At nighttime, you can use the lights of the restaurant to click the picture. This will eventually create noise in the photographs but use of a professional camera lens would sort the noise issue as well.

Using a tripod can be helpful
If you are amazed by the photographs in the food magazines, then know that not all of them were clicked keeping the camera in hand. Use a tripod for taking pictures whenever possible. A tripod helps to keep the shot steady, assists with increased ISO settings, and also allows you to click vertical pictures. By using a tripod, you can also alter some of the elements on the plate, without keeping the camera down and moving from a suitable angle.

Experiment with the setting
You do not have to always choose a restaurant or bar counter to get the perfect food photograph. Some of the best examples of food photography are those with unique setting. Think of a place that will add loads of appeal to the picture. You can also experiment with outdoor setting and choose to go beyond the four walls.