Finger lickin’ good – A close look at the KFC food menu

Finger lickin’ good – A close look at the KFC food menu

It is rightly said that people bond better over food. KFC’s chicken enjoys a particularly large fan base. This fast food chain’s delicious products come in a variety of dishes and flavors. From basic chicken burgers to buckets of fried chicken, KFC has a lot to offer to its devoted clientele.

What makes KFC the largest food chain on a global platform
Globally, KFC is the fourth largest platform in the food chain industry. According to a survey, they have around 20,604 outlets worldwide. They generate a revenue of approximately 4.2 billion USD, as accounted in the year 2014.

The unsafe food provision scare had tarnished the image of KFC on a global basis. However, they came up with campaigns such as enlisting a succession of actors including Norm Macdonald and George Hamilton to portray the Colonel and retraining employees on proper methods of food preparation. All the efforts put emphasis on the betterment of the food quality and it did have a positive effect, hence KFC earned its popularity back.

What makes the chicken so good

  • The moistness in the meat makes it softer, thus enhancing the eating experience.
  • The combination of meat with a semi-emulsified layer of crust makes it crispy.
  • The orang-ish tint with a hint of fresh white meat enhances the flavor.
  • The cooked chicken prompts your primal instincts.
  • The white pepper acts as an important ingredient. It is responsible for the basic taste of the chicken. Did you know that white pepper is the ingredient that promotes the tangy tingling sensation in your mouth?

Lose yourself in the wide range of chicken varieties

  • A big $10 bucket for 2 serves a decent proportion of chicken. It has different varieties (depending on the availability).
  • A $20 family bucket with double quantity and more chicken variants. A fancy meal for 4.
  • The boneless chicken comes in the form of nuggets and popcorn chicken. They are soft and juicy.
  • The super-saver combo meals are good for a personal meal. They come with soda, choice of french fries and different kinds of burgers.
  • The kids too can rejoice as KFC serves a kid’s combo meal too.
  • The Nashville hot chicken is a treat to the taste buds.

Reinventing chicken with Chizza
KFC has an ambitious plan to remodel 70 percent of its 3000-plus U.S. restaurants over the next three years. But the core of its appeal remains chicken, and the brand is hoping it can reinvent its menu thanks to additions like the Chizza. A mash-up of chicken and pizza, the Chizza is a breaded chicken breast slathered in marinara sauce, cheese, pepperoni, and peppers. The result is probably something close to a chicken parm dish without the pasta but delicious.

For the sweet tooth cravers, KFC brings to you a delicious and spongy chocolate cake. The chocolate chip cookies are also an all-time favorite. With a plenty of options out there, make the most out of the amazing food range at KFC!