5 Types of modular homes you need to know about

5 Types of modular homes you need to know about

An invention of the previous century, modular homes caught on with the general public very quickly for a plethora of reasons. Modular homes are constructed in sections in a separate factory or a building site. They are similar to custom-built homes with permanent dwellings at a fixed location. The main advantage of modular homes is that, the bulk of manufacturing is done off-site. This means that they are also quick to assemble as compared to traditional homes and are significantly less expensive.

Here are types of styles that you can refer to while making your own modular home-

Ranch Style Modular homes- Also known as Rancher or Rambler, these types of modular homes are native to our country. Ranch style modular homes are known for their minimal exterior decoration. They are one story tall and can be in ‘L’ shape or asymmetrically rectangular. Ranch homes are usually found in warmer areas.

Two-Story- As the name suggests, these types of modular homes contain a house with two above-ground stories. The layout typically consists of communal rooms like kitchen, living room, and the dining room on the ground floor. Whereas, the bedrooms and other private rooms are accommodated on the first floor. These types of design are perfect for growing family on a smaller piece of land.

Cape Cod- Ideal for colder climate, cope cod type modular homes are more popular in the northeast region of the country. They are an affordable option when compared with their two-story counterparts. Cape Cod-styled modular homes are covered with shingles (roofs), shuttered windows and dormers. Dormers are horizontal windows sticking out of an otherwise sloped roof.

Chalet– These types of modular homes are inspired by Swiss Alpine houses, best suited for snowier and colder climate. Chalet type modular homes have high pointed roofs tilted at extreme angles, preventing the accumulation of snow. Chalets have extremely large windows which brighten the house with natural light, thereby providing amazing views.

Mansion- With time, modular homes are becoming more and more style oriented while not departing too much from their original aim of affordability. This style of modular homes is more advanced, distinct, and intricate. Mansions are more about the size difference than a style distinction. As a result, they are one of the most expensive types of modular homes.