Modern fireplaces to enhance the look of your living room

Modern fireplaces to enhance the look of your living room

While a modern fireplace essentially serves the purpose of heating up the room, it also provides a charming old-school look with a twist. If you are planning to have a house is designed with European or Moroccan architecture, then modern fireplaces powered by wood or gas will fit perfectly in the living room. There is a variety of modern fireplaces that have been engineered in a manner to facilitate indoor or outdoor placement. Keep that in mind that many of them such as vent-less modern fireplaces are banned in many states, and therefore, enquiring the salesperson about all possible hazards should be done well in advance.

Many online sites require you to fill an area code so that only those options are shown that can be used legally in that location. Most in-built modern fireplaces are horizontally shaped to snugly fit into the area marked specifically for this purpose. Wall fireplaces, on the other hand, are constructed more vertically for more heat. The contemporary fireplaces come equipped with multiple burners to develop larger flames, especially during heavy snowfall. Only one of them can also be switched on for less colder nights allowing you to save fuel to a great extent.

Modern fireplaces boast of attributes like Wi-Fi connectivity, child lock, timer, fuel-efficient modes and the like that ensure that heating the room is no longer a major task. Modern fireplaces and wall fireplaces can be controlled by installing an application that helps in operating multiple appliances simultaneously. Other applications provide the opportunity of actually viewing the fireplace in the living room from a distant place such as the bedroom. Brands that have been producing vintage styles fireplaces have now started partnering with other manufacturers for construction of safe wall fireplaces.

While hanging a wall fireplace, it is advisable to consider a few aspects that will help you to take full advantage of the appliance.

  • Positioning While placing a modern fireplace on the wall, it is wise to call your architect who will let you know the location of beams inside the room. Wall fireplaces are heavy and therefore, require strong support for effective placement. Moreover, there has to be electrical connectivity at the chosen spot in case you plan to purchase a modern fireplace backed by electricity.
  • Ambiance You will want to purchase a wall fireplace that matches the furniture in the room. For example, the ones to be placed on the patio can have ceramic pebbles burning the flame inside the cabin. Similarly, wall fireplaces in the drawing room can be composed of modern glass made of fiber
  • Safety The accessories required for correctly installing the wall fireplace are provided by the manufacturer, and it is highly suggested that inflammable items be kept away from its surrounding.