When should you replace Baxi back boiler fires?

When should you replace Baxi back boiler fires?

Are you fed up with your Baxi back boiler fire? Then why not replace it? Back boilers have become outdated and are being replaced by new ones mainly because they have the tendency to increase your bills. But if you are planning to replace them, then you should know certain things. So, for your convenience, here are some factors you should keep in mind while replacing your Baxi back boiler.

Call a proper heating engineer
Once your Baxi back boiler has died or is not working properly or your simply want to upgrade your boiler, you must at first do a little bit of self-research on the internet before taking any final decision. After you have enlightened yourself with a little bit of knowledge on the subject, you should call at least three to four different heating engineers and take their opinion about the boiler you should buy next and get a price quote. Make sure you call a good heating engineer; otherwise you won’t get the best advice.

Keep in mind your new boiler’s location
You have to think about a new location for your new boiler because you cannot fix it in the exact location as the old boiler. This is because if the flue from your previous back boiler was through the chimney, the new flue might have to be installed somewhere else preferably outside the wall or you can even put it vertically through the roof. There are several options where you can install your new boiler. You can install it in your kitchen in one of the cupboards, in a bedroom cupboard, attic or even your garage. The installation of your new boiler will largely depend on the design of your house. It is best if you ask a heating engineer for a safe location.

Decide which type of boiler you want
You must take all facts into consideration and think carefully as to which type of boiler you really need. Do you want a regular or system boiler so that you can connect it to the hot water tank that already exists? Or do you want to remove all of them, including the boiler, cold water tank, and hot water tank, and instead install a combi boiler which is all-in-one? A combi boiler has two advantages. Firstly, removing all those separate components means freeing up some space in your house; secondly, a combi boiler means whenever you need hot water, you have it right there flowing through your taps. Baxi back boiler fires were indeed long-lasting but they blocked a lot of space in your house.

A condensate drain will be needed
All the new boilers require a condensate drain which means they have a higher efficiency, unlike the Baxi back boilers which have very low energy efficiency. Higher efficiency means lower power consumption.

Choose the brand carefully
Baxi boilers are very popular and provide great service. They are in trend even today with their new models. So, keep Baxi boilers in mind in addition to other boilers that you might prefer.