List Of The Best Leaf Blowers In The Market

List Of The Best Leaf Blowers In The Market

A leaf blower is quite essential for a house-proud homeowner or a gardener. However, it can get a bit tricky to choose the best leaf blower since this item is available in different sizes, shapes, specifications and price points. The variety includes leaf blowers, garden vacuums, combined leaf blowers and garden vacs. The choice is unlimited. Thus, in order to make the selection easier for you, here is a list of the best leaf blowers available on the market today:

This item is battery powered. So, it does not need to be connected with an outlet and there is no requirement of gas as well to operate it. This leaf blower can last for 30 minutes on a full charge. It weighs only 5.4 pounds making it quite light in this category. Thus it can be used for the entire 30 minutes till the battery lasts without you being exhausted of carrying it around the garden or yard. The blower is 37 inches long, which makes it easier to get closer to the ground and effectively blow everything that comes its way. The BLACK + DECKER LSWV36 can blow air up to 120 mph and drive debris and leaves more than 17 feet. It produces only 86.2 dB of sound. You can get it around $121.80 on Amazon.

Its plastic impeller may be easier to handle but is susceptible to get damaged as compared to metal. The airspeed of 120 mph is not so impressive. The battery lasts only for 30 minutes on a single charge.

Toro 51621
The Toro 51621 is compact but is able to reach the ground really close maximum blowing power since it is 41 inches in length. It runs on electricity and hence needs an extension cord to operate it. It could be an issue if you have a big yard. However, you are not at risk of running out of battery power or gas in the middle of using the device. With the ability to blow air at a speed of 250 mph, you can use Toro 51621 to move debris and leaves up to 16.8 feet away. You can also use this device as a leaf shredder and vacuum. Its metal impeller shreds debris and leaves into small pieces making it easier to gather and haul them away. You can get this for $103.25 approximately on Amazon.

There is no anti-vibration technology in this blower. The cushioned handle is missing as well. You get 2 years warranty on this item.

Hitachi RB24EAP
The best thing about this product is its extensive warranty period. The Hitachi RB24EAP comes with a seven-year warranty. Weighing 8.6 pounds, this gas-powered leaf blower can blow air up to 170 mph. It can move lawn debris and leaves up to 18 feet. It is made up of plastic which makes it an easy to handle the item. This is one of the best leaf blowers and is up for sale on Amazon at $122.97 approximately.

You need to mix gasoline and oil to a precise measurement for it to function properly. It produces 96.6 dB of sound making it a loud land mower. It does not have cushioned handle. Anti-vibration technology is not used in this product and it cannot be used as a vacuum.

Choosing a leaf blower is not easy as there are so many options available today. One must make the decision based on several factors like power, performance, the convenience of use, warranty, support, noise level, comfortable handle, and price range. People also choose based on whether it is gas, electric or battery operated. Hopefully, now you would be able to decide the best leaf blower for your garden or yard. Ideally, you must opt for the most versatile and the best leaf blower, which is long lasting as well within your budget range.

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