Top 8 employee evaluation software for your business

Top 8 employee evaluation software for your business

One of the toughest tasks for any organization is the process of evaluating its employees every year to determine their performance. This where an employee evaluation software can make the process simpler and more systematic for the Human Resources (HR) department. Here’s is a list of the best software providers for employee assessment.


It is a human resources information system that makes the role of the HR team more effective. This cloud-based software offers a great range of employee information management options, which will help to keep an eye on their performance. This is an affordable software and ideal for small and medium-sized businesses.


When it comes to employee evaluation, today’s business needs a modern approach, and that is exactly what this employee evaluation software offers. It engages employees in the process of performance evaluation, making it possible for the system to be more simplified and save a lot of time.


This Cloud-based software offers a range of amazing features that make employee evaluation more effective. UltiPro comes with features like feedback, compensation management, evaluation history, development plans for individual employees, rating scale with customization options, on-going tracking of performance, goal-setting, skill assessment, and peer appraisal.


This employee evaluation software helps with the growth of your business by offering more insight into the workforce. This software has some of the most effective features for employee appraisal. Some of these are compensation management, goal-setting, a development plan for individuals, and skill assessment. With Workday, you’ll be able to build the most efficient workforce.

Zoho People

The Zoho People employee assessment software lets you easily manage attendance, timesheet, leave requests, and much more. It enables you to accurately evaluate your employees with options like feedback, self-appraisal, self-service, rating scale with customization, peer appraisal, goal-setting, and performance tracking. The software also allows you to import employee data from biometric devices.


This is a globally popular software for performance and attendance management. The software engages the employees with the process to simplify the operations. CakeHR offers a plethora of options like feedback, compensation management, tracking appraisal history, development plan for individual employees, custom rating system, performance tracking, goal-setting, and skill assessment.


This is another employee evaluation software that makes managing your workforce easier and more efficient. If you want a software that enables you to get better control over employee performance assessment then HRweb is what you need. Feedback, appraisal history, compensation management, development plan for individuals, performance tracking, goal-setting, custom rating system, and skill assessment are some of its key features.


This is a complete HR system that includes some of the best employee appraisal features. To determine how your workforce is performing, you can track their appraisal history, rating scale, peer evaluations, skill assessment, and much more.

As there are many choices available in employee evaluation software, you must take some time to understand their features to find the one that meets your requirements.