4 advantages of using time warner internet services

4 advantages of using time warner internet services

If you’ve ever searched for internet services, you may be surprised to see Time Warner being at the top of the charts. Hailed as one of the best internet service providers, it can offer a relief for users of the web.

You can get unlimited speeds, great bandwidths, unlimited data, and a lot more cool benefits with Time Warner internet services. They have basic plans and their speeds range from 5 Mbps to 300 Mbps depending on your location. Although they won’t offer the highest speeds like Verizon, Time Warner fits within everyone’s budget. If you’ve got a small budget or you’re hesitant to try out pricey internet service plans, Time Warner may work for you.

Here are the four top advantages of using Time Warner for your internet services.

High speeds: Although not the best in the world in terms of maximum limits, it is still good enough for most web users. Time Warner offers between 15 Mbps and 300 Mbps speeds for their internet services. You can choose the speed you need based on your location and budget. If you need a little more ammo, you’ll be happy to know that Time Warner comes with no contracts or hidden fees with their services.

Unlimited data: Time Warner has no data cap limits. You can download, upload, stream, surf, or waste time on the web as much as you want. It’s absolutely limitless. The best part is that there is no such thing as threshold limits. You will get the same speeds no matter how much data you consume. Additionally, there are no overage charges involved which is awesome.

On the go internet: If you choose any of Time Warner’s internet plans except the Basic and Lite plans, you’ll get exclusive access to the TWC Wifi hotspots located throughout the country. This can be great if you are frequently away from your home network and need to use internet services while traveling. The best thing about this is that the connections are secure and speeds are consistent wherever you go. That is, of course, provided, you use their hotspots.

Bundled services: Time Warner bundles their internet services with your phone and television bills. If you need an internet service provider who takes care of the billing of all three services, Time Warner is the way to go. This way, your bills are more manageable as you don’t have three separate bills each month.

Furthermore, you can choose your television programs and pick what you watch. You can select between various channels, add or remove them as you need, and customize your TV subscription. That’s one of the perks of bundled TV and internet with Time Warner internet services. Additionally, they even provide free internet security software with no usage charges or fees involved.