Android-powered blackberry models and their features

Android-powered blackberry models and their features

Smartphones are the closest companions of most users these days. People can make and receive calls, send messages, access internet, shop using apps, and get to know about the nearest facilities such as hospitals, medical stores, cinema halls, and restaurants. Thus in the absence of the smartphone, we would feel as if our life has stopped.

Blackberry is known for the innovations it brings through the smartphones it offers with exciting features. Their models are strong competitors against top brands such as HTC and Sony. The latest BlackBerry models provide excellent smartphone security with the exclusive BlackBerry Software. Additionally, the Android phones offered through Blackberry provide an excellent boost in overall productivity through special features.

The BlackBerry Software offers extraordinary protection for smartphones from malware, data breaches, and attempts to hack or tamper with the Android phones. Additionally, BlackBerry Hub+ enhances the productivity of the Android phones to the next level. Performing various tasks through the smartphone apps such as calendar, contacts, notes, and device search would become effortless through the hub.

  • BlackBerry Key One
    This model has a 4.5-inch screen, 12-megapixel camera, 2 TB SD card storage support, 26+ hours of long-lasting battery backup, and excellent screen resolution. The model is much durable due to its aluminum frame, impact resistant display and soft-textured back for better grip. Users can set shortcuts through various keys for the apps that are frequently used. Thus, the smart keyboard can be used for easy navigation.
  • BlackBerry DTEK 60
    This model ensures the safety of user’s sensitive details, location, their text, their images, etc. would remain locked. BlackBerry is the brand that has taken e-mails to phones. The powerful keyboard they offer is the specialty of the smartphones. This model has a 5.5-inch screen, 21-megapixel auto-focus camera; 2 TB micro SD card support for huge storage. Additionally, as this is an Android-powered model, it can access millions of apps through Google Play.
  • BlackBerry PRIV
    This model brings the great blend of the specialties of a BlackBerry phone and the Android operating system. A slide-out keyboard would be an excellent feature of this model. Thus the users would have the privilege to use physical keys instead of the soft keys on the touchscreen. A SchneiderKreuznach certified camera is another added benefit of this model. This is also known for best integrated messaging experience on Android. The keyboard, predicated word support and flip typing method for faster typing.
  • BlackBerry Passport
    This phone is designed to be different from other smartphones through the wide, large touchscreen and fantastic touch sensitive keyboard. The Silver Edition of BlackBerry Passport has durable and good looking stainless steel frame and diamond pattern soft touch back.

Thus, aspirant buyers can get spectacular BlackBerry models with excellent features.