Benefits and plans of Cricket cell phones

Benefits and plans of Cricket cell phones

Cricket Wireless is an American prepaid wireless service provider and a wholly-owned subsidiary of AT&T.

Benefits offered by Cricket
Cricket provides an additional discount of $5 by signing up for their “Auto pay” option. Through this, there will be nothing to worry in case you forget to pay your bills.
Added to the above deal is the “group pay” option. For every member of the family or friends that you add to your line of pay, you will be able to save an additional $5 on your bill. The carrier offers the “Cricket Rewards app” that can earn you points on using certain apps, playing games, etc. which can be redeemed on the payments.
There are roaming plans like “Smart” and “Unlimited” for frequent travelers which has no additional costs for roaming in Mexico and Canada. The plans offered by Cricket comes with an assured “No hidden charges” tag and hence, you pay for what you use as per the plan.

Plans offered by Cricket
Cricket offers monthly plans of $30, $40, $50, and $60 with services ranging from unlimited talk time, unlimited texts, unlimited data (2G, 3G, and 4G) to international roaming based on the usage requirements of the consumers. Starting from April 2017, Cricket has implemented a new data management system for the consumers with an unlimited plan and monthly usage above 22 GB. This reduces the data speed to decongest the network during peak hours.
Also from April 2017, a new feature called Stream More will be added to its data plans which will help the consumers reduce the high definition video streaming to a standard quality thereby saving data. This feature can be switched on and off whenever required.

Cheap phones that can be used with Cricket
Almost all unlocked smartphones that run on Android or iOS can be used with Cricket. The price mainly depends on factors like the internal memory of the device (given in GB), carrier platform used (CDMA, LTE, HSPA, etc.), screen size, and camera resolution (MPs).However, here are a few cheaper options that you can choose from:

LG (Risio 2 4G LTE with 16 GB), Alcatel (one touch Flint 4G with 16 GB), and Coolpad (Canvas 4G LTE with 16 GB) are some of the cellphones that come within $50
Alcatel (Pixi theatre 4G LTE with 16 GB, one touch idol 3 4G LTE with 16 GB), Samsung (Galaxy sol 4G with 8 GB, Galaxy sol 2 4G with 16 GB), and HTC (Desire 550 4G LTE with 16 GB) are a few models that come below the $100 price tag.
If one is looking to upgrade to a phone with more features, the refurbished devices of several expensive models can be bought at an affordable price that comes at less than $300. These includes several models of Sony-XPERIA, Motorola (Moto G+), Samsung (Galaxy), and the iPhones.