Excellent and flexible cell phone plans

Excellent and flexible cell phone plans

Suppose you stuck with the giant carriers then you can go for cell-phone service. It will make you glad to understand that, there is a series of pre-paid carriers, as well as MVNOs, which are alternatives and might use the giant guys’ towers. However, it provides you flexible plans with great pricing, and an awesome customer service. Here are four of the excellent plans, which rely on the nominations that you make.

Virgin Mobile
Virgin Mobile cell plans sit right at the top of the best heap and is a huge brand with promising numbers, whether it comes to number of customers, number of cell towers for great coverage or the number of countries it operates in. In the country of US, you can find that Virgin Mobile USA is a Subsidiary of Sprint, which operates their network. They have actually begun as an MVNO for a Sprint, but Sprint purchased Virgin. Since Virgin Mobile is necessarily an arm of Sprint, it gives you the access to latest devices and Sprint’s 4G LTE network. These people provide both pre-paid and monthly wireless plans at different price points, which include unlimited plans. Virgin also features great phone deals; for instance one can land up getting an iPhone 5S for a sweet deal with Virgin mobile.

Ting provides both options such as pre-paid as well as monthly option. It is actually a MVNO which leverages Sprint’s Network. These mobiles have gained a large appreciation which offers customizable pricing plans, where you can select the number of voice minutes you require, as well as text messages that you require without getting locked into plans that fits in only one part of your requirements but not others. The main aim of the carrier is to be too flexible to charge you only for what exactly you require, without forcing you to pay for what you never use. In case, you don’t use minutes or texts, they will simply credit it back to you.

Page Plus
Page Plus is found to be a national pre-paid wireless provider as well as MVNO that operates the Verizon Wireless network. The services also offer monthly plans, but it appreciates for its pre-paid plans, that arrive at different prices, no-useless agreements, etc. Similar to several pre-paid carriers, you can simply purchase the up-front right at the start of the month by purchasing refill cards or filling account from there.

Republic Wireless
Republic Wireless is found to be an affordable wireless carrier and an MVNO that provides Sprint’s network. The company provides both pre-paid as well as monthly plans, by keeping low calling plans as well as prices.