Some of the top SIM only unlimited data plan

Some of the top SIM only unlimited data plan

There are deals where you get a new handset and plans along with the handset. These plans usually come at a very reasonable rate for mobile handsets and other deals such as talk minutes, messages and internet data. But there are SIM only deals too available for those who do not want to buy a handset because they already have one. In a sim only deal, you get a package of minutes, texts, and mobile data for a monthly cost, which is almost at par with the price of a traditional mobile phone contract.

SIM only deals can be found online or in the stores of those websites. Here are some of the deals that you can easily find online.

T-mobile has some of the best deals available. Here are some of the top plans by t-mobile with unlimited and limited data:
– With $30 a month, you get 100 minutes of calling, unlimited text messages and 5 GB of data. Though the data is unlimited, speed gets slow after you have consumed 5GB in that month
– With $40 per month, you get unlimited talk time, unlimited text messages and 3GB of data. Again, just like above plan, this too is unlimited data but after consuming 3GB the speed gets low
– With $50 per month, you get unlimited calls and text messages and unlimited data plan but after you have consumed 5 GB of data, the speed will not be as much as before
– With $5 per day, you get unlimited talk-time and text messages along with 500MB of data every day

AT&T has simplified its plans and its offerings for people to enjoy great plans for less money. Here are some of AT&T plans you can try out now:
– Pay $30 a month and get unlimited talk and text messages but unfortunately, there is no data. You can, however, buy a separate pack of data along with this
– With $45 per month, you get unlimited talk and text messages and 4GB of data. Unlike t-mobile, this is not unlimited
– With $60 per month, you get unlimited talk time and unlimited text and a data of 8GB. Though you don’t get unlimited data here, you do however get data roaming to Canada and Mexico

You may visit the stores of the websites of these respective companies and avail these plans. There are other plans too that you can check with the customer service and compare different plans from different carried and choose the one that suits you best.